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Calcium carbide furnace dedusting engineering
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    The company absorbed the newest technologies in the world, combining with our advantages, developed TL series improved bag filter. These kinds of filters are applicable to calcium carbide smelting furnace high temperature flue gas pollution control, win the praises of users. This picture shows the running high temperature flue gas filter of 3×20 MVA calcium carbide smelting furnace. The equipmentproject obtains the approval of the national developmentreform commission PoliciesLaws department, the state environmental protection administration, local government, etc,has passed through the acceptance.
     Our company now has finished the projects of 6300 KVA-25500 KVA internal combustion type calcium carbide furnace and the fully closed calcium carbide furnace flue gas treatment, and the raw materials scattered dust pollution control, etc., which have operated stably for many years.

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