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Tianlan company was invited to 2013 Vietnam-China(Laojie)International trade fair
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YUNNAN TIANLAN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. was invited to 2013 Vietnam-ChinaLaojieInternational trade fair  

On November 13 to 18,2013,2013 Vietnam-ChinaLaojieInternational trade fairwas held in laojie jincheng commerce industrial zone convention center, Vietnam. Head of Chinese delegation, vice-governor, Gaoshuxun, the Chinese embassy in Vietnam, economiccommercial counselor, Xuqisong, Vietnam Laojie provincial party secretary, chairman of Laojie provincial people's committee, Ruanwenyong, head of Vietnam delegation, vice-chairman of Laojie provincial people's committee, Ruanqingyang, along with other leaders, attended the opening ceremony.

As a council member of the association for economic cooperationtrade promotion between Yunnan and southeast and south Asia (ECTPA ), organized by ECTPA, YUNNAN TIANLAN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. attended “2013 Vietnam-ChinaLaojieInternational trade fair ”along with several other member enterprises, get warm reception by the Vietnam, and achieved satisfactory effect. China period, the more representatives of various exhibitors participated in the Lao CAI province people's committee, Vietnam chamber of commerce at the seminar of "Vietnam - China enterprises, investment environment, policy, market prospects and other issues held cordial exchange. The Chinese embassy in Vietnam, economic and commercial counselor Mr.Xuqisong also attended the meeting.

In the international trade mart, formerly "sino-vietnamese border economic and trade fair", is the department of trade and industry of the people's government of yunnan province and Vietnam in June 2000 on KunJiaoHui determine of the two countries one of the important content of the cooperation of regional, beginning in 2001. Since then, every year in turn old street, estuary in China and Vietnam has been successfully held 12 consecutive terms. Vietnam in 2005 to promote the class will do, expand the bilateral cooperation influence, yunnan will assembly name changed its name to "the (old) in the international trade fair". My company in 2010 in November were invited to attend the "2010 in the (river) border economic and trade fair", has received the good effect.

This exhibition with "cooperation friendship into development" as the theme, set trade, investment, tourism, culture and communication, there are 700 booths, has more than 300 companies. Among them, the booth 200, China has more than 80 companies. Exhibition products mainly include: agricultural products, seafood, forest products, mechanical and electronic products, clothing, daily necessities, etc.

In the international trade fair for trade and investment between China and Vietnam and southeast Asia, the exchanges and cooperation to build a broad platform, vigorously promoted the friendly exchanges between the two sides, the cultural exchanges and economic and trade cooperation, greatly promote the china-vietnam border region economic and social development.

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